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Meet The Team

The rainbow studio is lucky to be graced with an incredible team that make the magic happen. All our design and production happens inhouse, so we have a killer team to handmake every single customer order with care and precision. We are proud perfectionists and suckers for colourful clothing!

The Team

Megan NAME: Megan.
JOB ROLE: Self-taught fashion and textiles extraordinaire! I design and produce all the collections for Get Crooked and our sister brand Megan Crook Textiles.
STUDIO SUPERPOWER: Pattern Cutting Perfectionist.
FAVOURITE PART OF THE JOB: I love sourcing unique new materials and visualising what I can do with them. Also, being self-taught, I love to learn and push myself to master new skills and techniques!
EDUCATION: I'm entirely self-taught and proud of it! I've been creating since I was a child, so monetising my talents was a no-brainer!
DESCRIBE YOUR PERSONAL STYLE: 80s Androgynous Toddler.
FAVE PASTIME: I love getting involved with some creative DIY like painting and upcycling as another outlet for my creative energy!
RANDOM FACT: In my teens I trained to be a volunteer firefighter!
Ellie NAME: Ellie.
JOB ROLE: Seamstress. I bring your colourful orders to life! Often found at the lockstitch or overlocker, I'm fast, fearless and a little bit sassy.
STUDIO SUPERPOWER: Coverseam Cowgirl! (seriously, Ellie sews so fast her hands might be magic!)
FAVOURITE PART OF THE JOB: I love seeing customers faces light up when they enter our rainbow wonderland! And the team makes it so easy to get the job done, we have mastered the production line!
EDUCATION: BA Costume Design and Making.
DESCRIBE YOUR PERSONAL STYLE: Desperate Housewives Clown.
FAVE PASTIME: Catch me grooving at summer festivals, or cooking up a Vegan storm in the kitchen!
RANDOM FACT: I went to a rave with Vernon Kay!
Jess NAME: Jess.
JOB ROLE: Seamstress and machine knitter. Cutting and sewing your garments to order with Ellie. I know my way around a knitting machine too and look forward to working on more knitwear designs for the future collections.
STUDIO SUPERPOWER: Knit and Crochet Queen!
FAVOURITE PART OF THE JOB: I work alongside a great team of interesting and colourful humans, who make every day a laugh!
EDUCATION: BA Fashion Knitwear, MA Fashion Knitwear.
FAVE PASTIME: I'm forever knitting and crocheting to add to my ever-expanding knitwear wardrobe!
RANDOM FACT: I'm a bit of an adrenaline junkie when it comes to rollercoasters!

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The Team